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"The whole genre is just bursting at the seams with new ideas and new structure"

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We've got something awesome for you - a free, exclusive interview with Sarah MacLean and Kristan Higgins, who are both veteran, best-selling Romance novelists - and we cover some AMAZING territory.

If you are an author, screenwriter, game writer or any other kind of storyteller, then this interview will be extremely valuable to you.

  • That Romance books have steered away from the chiche of simply getting the man, and have become more about female empowerment on every level.

  • How Romance writers are starting to really push the boundaries of storytelling within the genre.

  • How Romance not only put mass market paperbacks on the map, it did the same for e-books, and is dominating self-publishing.

  • Why the the writers now control the market, not the publishers.

  • How to use conflict to write a page-turning, suspenseful plot.

WARNING: This interview is only going to be available until June 14th - then it's going away forever - so don't wait, take a few minutes and get all the good stuff!

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