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"How Do We Change the World with Story?"

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Sean Platt’s Masterclass: The Matrix

In this one hour world-building-storytelling masterclass of badassery you will learn:

>> The key elements that made The Matrix so damn successful!! (If you know those triggers, then you can use them in your own writing…)

>> How to tap into the zeitgeist of consciousness, to create a masterpiece that will stand the test of time

>> How to craft a world that actually HELPS you to DRVIE the story

>> How to find that (mystical!) “edge” where the theory meets the implementation
How to become an IDEA. GENERATING. MACHINE!!

All of this happens within the context of an analysis of The Matrix.

If this sounds exciting – and you want in – then go ahead and get registered.

If you are an indie novelist, screenwriter, or any other kind of storyteller, then this information is a MUST if you want to change the world through the power of your stories.


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